Energy for the Future





The most important thing for a modern Society is flexibility, dynamism and agility, which we have worked for, as an achievement of modern times.

With respect for the environment, nature and resources of our planet, we are forced to rethink and reorient ourselves.



has developed a complete German patented system for the use of the strongest, sustainable, environmentally, friendly, energies of our planet.

Solar Energy  -  Gravity  -  Geothermal 

is the basis for our technology, which we can use worldwide, to protect the environment and the future of our life.

More than 65% of humanity live in the regions where our technologiy will be used with success.

In this regions there is significant solar intensity on over 2.500 hours per year, which is a lucrative basis for the use  of solar energy, with our higly efficient technology.

As well, we have large topographical differences in the sunshine states for the application and construction of gravitational storage, for very high amounts of energy, in an environmantally  friendly, short- or longterm manner, with more than 95% efficiency.

The use of geothermal gives us the opportunity to use environmentally friendly energy, espacially in many countries with divergent, convergent and transforming plate boundaries.

In order to use these strong forcesof nature, Energy-Renovar, will set up units in all regions, which will develop environmentally friendly energies for today, tomorrow and for the infinite future of our planet and society.


Solar Energy,

strong, environmentally, sustainable, one day of solar radiation on earth, is enough for a whole year energy consumption




  •  production of electricity
  •  agriculture, food production
  •  power for hybrid power plants
  •  saltwater to sweet water
  •  production of H2 hydrogen
  •  CO2 absorption
  •  synthetic fuel production
  •  chemical processes, roasting, etc.
  •  thermo dynamic processes


System patent n° 202017006385


  • the patented parabolic high temperature direct evaporator system, concentrates the radiation energy 800 times and produces temparatures >1.500° Cel. in the focal point.
  • each unit produces 1 MW usable energy
  • follows the Azimuth and the Zenith






 System delivers the following results in one process


  • high temperature vapor for using in turbines
  • H2 hydrogen separation
  • CO2 power for absorption
  • temperature for chemical processes
  • temperature for endothermic processes



  • storing very large amounts of energy sustainable without limotation



  • Gravity storage we can construct everywhere, with natural potentials, or with constructed facilities
  • These energy storage systems are environmentally friendly, sustainable and have a very high level of effeiciency
  • The energy can be stored for an indefinite period of time without loses
  • The energy storage does not require any limited materials such as lithium etc.

Geothermal energy



  • especially regions with adjacent tectonic moments offer great potential for the use of geothermal energy, significant phenomena are, volcanoes frequent earthquakes, etc.


H2 production and methanation, selection of gases and liquids, patent n° 202021001916


  • with the centrifuge developed by us and patented by the German Patent Office (DPMA) we can select H2 hydrogen and CO2 carbon dioxide in a thermodynamic process, with the specific components of the material.
  • The system offers the production of snthetic gases and liquids for
    • aircraft's                       
    • vessel
    • trucks                         
    • cars
    • etc.

All the disciplines that we offer together, neccessary for the sustainable energy supply of our earth and our society, are part of the science of our company.



Arbeitgeber der Zukunft